We believe success comes from extreme work ethic and discipline paired with uncompromising integrity.

Excellent Capital is a single family office founded by Simon Zhang in 2014 based in Newport Beach, California. The firm is focused on significant wealth generation for our first-generation Principal with holdings in commodities trading, real estate and asset management.

Excellent Capital's investments are allocated into three separate strategies: private equities, public equities and real estate. Investment objectives are focused on long-term compounding returns over a 20+ year time horizon and working with exceptional investment and operational partners to generate truly excellent investment performance.

Excellent Capital Private Equity

Private Equities

The private equities team primarily invests in majority stake, control positions in cash flow positive, profitable businesses with a track record of revenue growth and a target EBITDA range between $1-15M.

The team deploys from an evergreen fund structure and seeks to give entrepreneurs and existing shareholders an extremely quick and flexible liquidity path. Post-acquisition, the strategy is designed to patiently hold and operate businesses for the long term while employing little to no leverage at the individual company level.

An opportunistic allocation is given to all forms of investment structures with a particular willingness to engage in situations with substantial complexity including corporate carve-outs, divestitures, restructurings, private credit, distressed situations, royalties, recapitalizations, and growth equity.

Public Equities

The public equities team has an extremely long-duration, flexible mandate that seeks to compound capital by significant orders of magnitude primarily focused on an in-house long short small-mid cap strategy.

The process is driven by deep fundamental research into finding a concentrated portfolio of companies with strong, long-term growth prospects while employing a value-investing orientation around strict price discipline.

The public equities team targets companies that exhibit a few major catalysts that will drive the bulk of the returns while simultaneously requiring valuation discipline in entry and exit points. A small opportunistic allocation is also given to high risk-reward bets or deep value plays that the team finds particularly compelling.

Real Estate

The core focus of the family office’s real estate team is identifying dislocations caused by cyclical fluctuations. The family leverages its evergreen structure and combined experience of 70+ years to actively invest in distressed transactions with significant value-add potential, including: value-add acquisitions, distressed repositioning, core acquisitions, bridge lending, and development.

Acquisitions are primarily focused in the United States, with core holdings in multifamily, industrial, and residential.

The process is also driven by the team’s reputation of being able to move very quickly and winning preferential access with a select group of sellers. A small allocation is given to speculative developments and land development projects where we find a temporary price dislocation based on location, NOI, property quality, CAPEX needs and occupancy.